There are many good reasons to choose cycling or walking.

  1. It's fun! Feel the wind in your hair, or work towards a faster time - whatever motivates you, enjoy it!
  2. You'll feel happier. Studies have proven the mental health benefits of daily exercise on your commute to work. Not only will you feel better from being outside, but you'll also work better once you arrive. Use your commute as a way to prepare your mind for a productive day, or destress from a tough one.
  3. Money. A bike will run you a fraction of the cost of a car, both in initial price and maintenance costs. No more paid parking, either!
  4. Health. Whether you're sitting at a desk or standing behind a counter, your body probably isn't moving enough. Biking to work keeps you healthier and stronger, and will add a variety of movement into your day.
  5. Convenience. What if you were always guaranteed the closest parking space to the front of your workplace? When you bike to work, you are! No more driving around searching for a spot - just ride up and lock up. No need to stop to gas up, never get stuck in traffic, and you won't forget your coffee on the roof.
  6. Freedom! Try a new route, or explore a side road that you've never been down before. Biking and walking gives you the freedom to add a bit of variety into your routine.